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Interactive Resume Website

The website you’re on right now! It was originally fully self hosted using NGINX with access to the wider web provided through Cloudflare Zero Access Tunnels rather than port forwarding as it provides both a greater level of security and more granular control over what domains are and aren’t accessible. Now I have shifted to have it cloud hosted using Azure Static Web Apps, keeping all of the security beinfits of my original setup but removing most of the downtime I was facing with the self hosted option.

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my github


My GitHub is home to lots of my previous coding projects from my classes, showing my experience in C++, Python, NGINX configuration, HTML, and whatever languages I learn in the future.

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I have done a bunch of work with docker hosting, using it to self hosting Vaultwarden(an open source implementation of Bitwarden), a web accessible version of VS Code called Code Server, Home automation apps like Home Assistant and Homebridge, along with the NGINX instance that runs this website.

Website wireframe

Website Wireframe Redesign

In my Information Architecture class, the entire project for the class was for our group to redesign a website that we thought needed an update to make the site more usable/work better. We split the work up evenly among the group, all working on the design and three pages each.